Lions Centennial Services Excellence Book

The idea came nearly 9 months ago, when Lions Club International started celebrating its Centennial Anniversary back in July 2016. My friend, Skelvan Teo Kok Boon introduced me to Dato Javern Lim (DJL), and we started our discussions on the idea of leaving a legacy for this world’s largest service organization.

As DJL is serving under District 308 B1 of Lions Clubs International, we decided to do something meaningful to the District. Something different from what others had done before. Rather than the normal convention handbook or event directory packed with related info, and bunch of sponsorship ads at the end of the publication, we decided to do a book. Something that is collectible and could serve a few purposes at the same time:

1. To highlight and recognize the contributions of Lions Clubs in service to the community.

2. To enhance the image of Lions Clubs to attract more service minded people to join Lions Clubs.

3. To serve as a guide to Clubs and other service organisations in providing service projects.

4. To motivate Lions Clubs to serve with pride.

5. To inspire and instill volunteerism in youth.

We came out with the 3D mockup after a few meetings.

How do we collect relevant info from nearly 30 Past and Present Officers of Association and 113 clubs scattered across Central, Southern and East Coast Region of Malaysia?

We did it in a few ways. One of it was through online form submission via Lions Centennial Services Excellence official website (the form had been taken down as the book had been published and the project is closed). Another way is through email or manual submission, where DJL passed out the message during his visits to the clubs.

We managed to get most of the info we wanted. Though there had been some minor hassle and rushing few days prior to printing, the book was published successfully.

Photo: Iconic producers leverage their words to raise their games. Their language inspires, and reveals the fact that – deep within – they view themselves as captain of their fate.

On 25th April 2017, the books was delivered to DJL’s office in Puchong. A first look at the book, it was perfectly done, with great satisfaction. First time publishing a book without having any dummy version.

We introduced and launched the book in MD308 Convention in Persada JB, which last from 28th Apr – 1st May 2017 in Johor, Malaysia.

It is not easy to reach a hundred years mark, let alone a global non-profit service organization. Inspiring the next 100 years, a good motto in conjunction with centennial celebration.

Majority of the books were given to clubs, PPOAs and selected schools during the event. Only a minor portion was being sold for those who would like to get some extra copies for themselves or for their clubs. Those who supported this initiative also purchased as a token of support.

Thank you Dato Javern Lim for this opportunity to serve. Thank you project advisor PCC Wong and editorial committee Jesu, Kim Foong, Sherine and Kevin for editing and compiling the contents. Thank you Gan Kiat Edmund Lee and Robin Tee for the design and successful publication of the book. Nonetheless, all the Lions out there servicing the communities wholeheartedly.

It’s a great experience working with the best people.

Lions Centennial Services Excellence – A tribute to Lions Club International, District 308 B1, in conjunction with Lions Club International 100th years of services.

p/s (1): Met 2 angels from Starry Starry Stars Project during the convention. They are Lions too. 🙂

p/s (2): Ironically, the book I wrote – Never, Ever Give Up, also published in April, a year ago.